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Wastewater and Freshwater Facility Management

Water and wastewater treatment is an integral part of any complex or community. We understand that every business, complex, or facility has very different water-related issues and challenges. Anticipating, addressing and repairing those challenges is what we do every day.

Farnham INC’s vast expertise and experience with wastewater and freshwater facilities, allow us a wide range of services that we offer. Often a developer, facility manager or community representative will outsource all of their wastewater and freshwater facilities management to us.

We understand the enormous burden permitting, regulations, testing, chemical treatment, maintenance, repair and documentation that is required when managing a wastewater and freshwater facility. We work hand-in-hand with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP) and the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) to make sure your facility is operating in compliance.

New and Existing Wastewater and Freshwater Facilities

Our engineers are highly educated project managers and general contractors. No matter how large the facility we are very proud to say, that we are experts in wastewater and freshwater management. We will directly manage the entire project from start to finish. We will consolidate the efforts that go into building a new or even updating an existing wastewater and freshwater facility. We help by overseeing and directly implementing the design and building process, and we will operate and maintain the facility once it is complete. We also develop infrastructure plans, make future upgrades to an existing infrastructure, and operate and maintain water and wastewater systems.

The Businesses That We Serve

Farnham INC operates water and wastewater systems in communities across Northeast Pennsylvania. We operate, repair and maintain water systems that treat water pulled directly from wells, rivers, lakes and reservoirs. Our wastewater systems are designed and regulated with the perfect amount of treatment and excellence. We pay careful attention to the local environment.
We are a full service engineering firm. Besides, wastewater and freshwater treatment we can oversee electrical, emergency protective and security systems, and the entire facility from front to back. Although we are water experts, we have a vast and highly knowledgeable staff capable of maintaining the entire facility regardless of task. If for some reason, we can’t do it, we will find the firm that can! When you hire Farnham INC to manage your wastewater treatment plants or freshwater treatment plants, the sole responsibly falls on us. You and your company no longer need to worry about regulations, permits or upkeep. We will handle all of that for you, with excellence.

Services We Offer

Farnham INC provides a wide and very comprehensive range of water-related services for businesses, communities, and land owners. We customize everything based on our clients’ individual needs. Through our many years of experience, we’ve learned that one solution does not fit all. Our services include:

Drinking Water Treatment and Management

Our clients customers expect and deserve high-quality and very reliable water service each and every day. It is our number one job to make sure the end user is taken care of. Although our client is our customer, we fully understand that they have customers that are relying on them and thus us. Treating, repairing and managing clean and fresh water is what we do.

Treatment and Management of Wastewater Facilities

We follow very stringent regulations that are in place to safeguard the environment with everything we do. The treatment and release of wastewater is extremely important to us. As one of our foundational services we can with great confidence say, we are experts in wastewater treatment.

We fully understand the responsibilities that are required to fully administer and manage wastewater facilities. We can assume responsibility for all aspects of water and wastewater plant operations as well as facility and equipment maintenance. We cover every aspect of wastewater facility management so you don’t have to; including: dewatering services and offsite sludge transportation, building security, electrical, maintenance and even landscaping.